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Truffle Olive Oil

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  • White truffle flavored olive oil
  • Great with any mushroom dish, pasta, risotto and meat
  • Certificated Italian oil
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This precious condiment is made of a tasteful olive oil and White Truffle Aroma. When you put it on a dish you clearly distinguish the forest and earth notes that generate the rude flavour of the white truffle in contrast with the gentle one of our olives.

Food pairing:
White Truffle olive oil is great with any mushroom dish, pasta or risotto. Try drizzled over your favourite potato dish to enhance the exquisite flavour of truffles.
We suggest you to try it on our Truffle Lasagna (often present in Tenuta Tociano's menus) for the properties of this oil that exalt the flavours of the queen of italian pasta. And if you want to try it on your personal recipes, try our "cooking class", where our chef will teach you how to use it in your recipes!aling balm

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Location - Tuscany

In Tuscany, the tradition of harvesting olives begins in late October and usually continues until mid-December, depending on the climatic conditions in order to harvest the fruit at the optimal time.

We love to harvest our own olives, and although it is very tiring, we do it with pride because we know what satisfaction that fresh olive oil brings. If you want to visit us during harvest time, you too can try your hand at harvesting. Producing a good extra virgin olive oil requires knowledge of the land, the olive trees and the practices involved in caring for the trees to keep them healthy and strong.

If you visit Tuscany during the olive harvest, you will see all of our family participating in this annual ritual because we believe in what we do to get the highest quality from our products. When you taste the freshness of oil just harvested and smell its intense fragrance, you’ll understand how wonderful this natural product is and how it doesn’t compare with anything you’ve ever tasted before!