Vine Adoption – 3 Years



€ 950.00  one-off contribute

what’s included:
  • 18 bottles produced with the grape of your vine
  • Beautiful Certificate of Adoption
  • Your vine will have a plate with your name
  • Photos of your vine with your plate
  • FREE Wine experience in Torciano Winery when you’ll visit your vine
  • 1 night in Torciano Hotel – FREE
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You will acquire your own piece of Tuscany to treasure as you tour the most magnificent vineyards and places in the region.
You can then continue enjoying your little own piece of Tuscany by having each year’s vintage sent to you wherever you are in the world, or visit your own special part of Tuscany again with guests and family to enjoy further winery tours and tasting.

By adopting a vine you will become a personal “stakeholder” in the vintage of a prestigious authentic Tuscan wine and with the temporary purchase of a piece of vineyard you will have the possibility of following its life-span over a year.
Imagine the sensation of tasting a real quality Tuscan wine that you have helped to create! A gift like this, precious and unique, is not a simple glass of wine but the symbol of a magical and unrepeatable experience.

Additional information

Grape type

Sangiovese (Chianti red wine), Vernaccia di San Gimignano (white wine)

Location - Tuscany

The annual grape harvest in Tuscany usually occurs between September and October and since ancient times has been one of the most exciting events of country life. The exact date is decided year by year, depending on the weather, the quantity of rain fall and the changes from one vineyard to another.

The time of ripening of the grapes depends on many factors such as geographical location and exposure of the vineyards. For example, vineyards with a higher altitude means cooler temperatures and slower ripening notwithstanding that they are closer to the sun, or a vineyard facing south favors more maturation of the grapes than one facing north. Once we’ve established the right time of ripening of the grapes, we let all of our relatives know so that the whole Tenuta Torciano family and staff can participate in this event.

The harvest is done manually in order to choose each cluster and to lay the grapes gently in baskets that will be brought immediately to the cellar. Here the grapes are passed through the de-stemming machine that separates the berries from the stems. The grapes then flow into fermentation tanks and the process of wine making that has been followed for generations begins.

There are many factors influencing the hard work of harvest and we dedicate our lives to obtaining the best quality from our vineyards, and only experience can help us to prevent difficulties that could undermine the health of our wine.

Yield of the vine

How many vines of grape does it take to make a bottle of wine?

A grapevine usually produces about 3 kg of fruit so, if we consider that the average yield of grapes is around 70%, we can say it takes roughly 2.1 kg of grapes per bottle and one vine can produce from one to two bottles of wine.

The vine adoption program includes from 4 to 6 vines, meaning the part of the vine that goes from one pole to the other. These vines can guarantee the production of the grapes quantity used to produce about 6 wine bottles, which would be used to make the case of wine you receive!

The vines of the row that you adopt will stand out from the others as it will have a plaque with your name on it.